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Being part of the Totally transformed program is brilliant. It’s a step by step guide to your weekly routine.

The smartphone app comes with videos showing you the right technique and you can track your progress and weight so that you see results.

It’s so easy to use and as it’s on your phone, so there’s no more carrying around a notebook to record info.

It’s become an essential tool for my training and I couldn’t be without it.

Business owner

I started Francis’ Totally transformed program last month, alongside training, and so far I have lost just over 1kg in body fat and increased muscle mass considerably.

My body shape has slimmed down and in just 5 weeks people are already commenting on how I look.

I wasn’t massively overweight, to begin with, and had a good training history but over the winter months I’d deffo put on a few extra pounds through not eating right.

Clothes weren’t fitting so well and I’d lost a lot of strength from not working out due to injury.

I’d 100% recommend his nutrition planning service and the program as a whole.

Thanks to Francis I feel like I’m back in the game!


I have gone from 16 stone of fat to being on stage in my first ever fitness model show weighing in at 13 of lean muscle.

Francis has guided me all the way and made sure that I was fully motivated even on my low days.

His diet plans are effective and enjoyable while being easy to follow without the need of being expensive.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone from beginner up.

Even if you think you know it all it’s good to have a friend in your pocket

Thank you, Francis the Totally transformed program is the beast that drives your sessions.


In total, I’ve lost just under 2 stone in 16 weeks and the inches all over just keep on dropping.

I’ve also dropped 2 dress sizes. We set times and days around a busy lifestyle as a full-time mum to 2 small children so it was doable.

Each session we did something different, challenging but most of all fun.

Before long I started to see a big difference in my weight, my fitness levels and how I looked and felt.

I cannot recommend Francis and the Totally transformed program enough.

Thanks, Francis


I decided to have Francis as a nutrition coach to help me lose a few kgs, after observing his work and results with other clients

He helped me with nutrition and I managed to lose over 6 kg in just 2 months.

I was hitting pbs in deadlifts and the bench press, so although I was in a calorie deficit I still managed to get even stronger.

He was very motivational and efficient while having weekly check-ins, which helped me to push harder and stick to the plan.

The app we used is easy to follow and is great for tracking my calories and food choices.

I highly recommend him for his knowledge and professional approach to his clients”…

The drive and commitment he has is absolutely incredible.


Francis is a truly great guy.  It takes a lot for me to write an endorsement but I can proudly say that if you are looking for a superb training plan that delivers results you need to speak to Francis.

I found him personable approachable and above all knowledgeable, He got me results and I am looking forward to working with him further. A true gent


6 weeks into my fitness journey and I’ve lost 20 inches off my body and lost nearly 4kg.

I feel amazing. Francis is brilliant. Sessions are always structured well and really work you!

He knows exactly how much to push you. Knowledgeable and friendly he puts you at ease while you sweat buckets and pull ridiculous faces!!

Thanks Francis

Here’s to the next 6 weeks, and beyond!


I started the 12-week program with Francis in November and found it really tough at the start.

Now it’s completed it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”

I have lost over a stone in weight, toned and built muscle I thought I never had.

Thanks, Francis, it’s the best I’ve felt in years.

Professional Floor fitter


Some can inspire me and that is as far as it goes. But others can encourage me to inspire myself, and that is what matters.

Boy does Francis do that – bigtime. I am really, really noticing fat loss (I don’t know what I weigh, but I do know how my clothes fit).

I saw a friend last Saturday and we hadn’t seen each other for 10 weeks. When I stood up she just could not believe how much fat had disappeared from my waist, hips and thighs.

His sessions are tailor-made to YOU. Finally, we laugh a lot. So a winning formula really: Encouragement, hard work, laughter – and results.


Hey Francis, I wanted to drop you a post to say a big thanks for all the training sessions before my Kilimanjaro climb (and after).

You helped me achieve a fantastic level of fitness which meant that all I had to do on the mountain was enjoy myself!

Looking forward to working towards my next goal with you. I think it will probably be at an altitude lower than 5895m this time.


I actually lost a total of 23lbs this summer with Francis and my target was 15lbs.

I did not know I could have achieved such a significant amount of weight loss in the time that I did.

This was not one of those programs where I was always hungry,

I was actually encouraged to eat more of the right things. I feel great and I don’t remember ever feeling this healthy.

I came to Brighton for the summer and went back to Birmingham over 10kgs lighter. It has been a blast”


I’ve been training with Francis for 8 weeks. I’ve gained 2 & 1/2 stone.

I’m more confident and my friends and family have noticed a difference.

I haven’t looked back and what I’ve been through has been amazing. 

The training and the eating since being with him has taught me to train my mind and body to go for what I want and am going to keep up the hard work


I started training with Francis in a bid to improve my overall fitness.

His advice on nutrition has enabled me to go from a size 14 to a size 10 in a safe and sustainable way.

With no clear goals, Francis was able to deliver a programme where my overall health and fitness improved in such a short space of time.

I have learnt so much from Francis and the resources he provides are excellent.

I would recommend Francis to anyone wishing to embark on a healthy, life-changing lifestyle.

Thanks, Francis!”


Francis is a friendly and honest guy and I have made more progress in twelve months with Totally transformed than I did in seven years with another corporate gym.

He tells you how it is and he motivates and inspires.

He is passionate about fitness, is knowledgeable and articulate and you feel that you are learning more about your body and how to reach peak fitness with every session.

I would highly recommend his programs


I started training with Francis to help elevate my overall fitness in preparation for my first triathlon.

Pretty soon I had more energy and strength and found my running, cycling and swimming training all became so much easier.

With the overall fitness boost of personal training with Francis, and in his small group sessions, It is impossible not to leave the session without a smile and that makes the aches that follow worthwhile


WOW, what more could I say about the last 4 weeks spent with Francis,

A great trainer very professional at all times, Very knowledgeable about the body and always does a walkthrough talk through with you so you get every exercise isolating the muscle every time.

I would highly recommend Francis at Totally transformed to get the results you want 100%.

If being pushed is what you’re looking for Francis takes you past that to achieve what you want.

I just wished I’d had longer to train. Great guy, Great trainer, Great training. All the best in the future Francis.



I really enjoyed the 12-week body transformation programme.

it was a great challenge and I have seen amazing results with my strength gains and my fitness levels.

About halfway through the programme friends and family started to notice my body was changing and that was nice to hear!

I had to buy new jeans halfway through as I had lost 2” off my waist. My favourite compliment is from my girlfriend, she grabs my arms and goes “Phwoar!!”

You don’t need to keep looking for a fitness programme, this is what you have been looking for…….


In these seven months, I’ve lost about a stone, dropped a dress size at least, and astonished work colleagues by my change in physique – apparently, I am now “shredded”, which I think is a good thing.

I also achieved a long-standing goal of doing unassisted chins-up.

If you are thinking of signing up with Francis, stop thinking and *do it*. Money well spent.


12-week program completed – Feeling amazing!

New mindset, diet and physique! Amazing results!

Anyone looking for a formidable challenge set by a no-nonsense trainer, look no further!

If you’re prepared to put the work in, the Totally transformed program will metamorphoSIZE YOU!

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve themselves in ANY WAY

Big thank you to Francis!


I went clothes shopping last week, which I haven’t done for a while and I’ve gone down a whole dress size… I’m so chuffed!

I’ve lost a bit of weight but my shape is changing through the training and totally changing my eating habits.

So basically I wanted to say thanks because although I only see you once a week, I have been inspired to eat and exercise completely differently to how I used to.

I’ve got a long way to go but it’s a pretty good start.


I’ve seen myself get a lot stronger thanks to the combination of strength and high-intensity training he employs and I love every minute.

Even the aching muscles afterwards, which are a testament to how my body is changing.

I’ve been training with Francis for several months now and I can’t recommend him enough.

Francis is always happy, always smiling and his zest for life and genuine passion for what he does is simply infectious. It makes working out a pleasure!