Giant sets are great for slimming down and getting a good muscle pump If you would like extra fat loss from your training, this this intensifying approach can help.  Diet is the most important factor when it comes to fat loss but there’s nothing like the feeling of working hard and pumped muscles.  You will be surprised how hard you can work when you simply switch muscle groups.

If you go to absolute failure on a chest exercise, your back or biceps are still primed and ready to go.  Here is an example upper body workout:
(WARNING This is an advanced and tough workout)
Mobility drill – 5 Minutes
Warm up on cardio machine 5 Minutes
(2 Light sets of each exercise before starting to get the technique right and warm up the muscles)
Powercleans – 3×10 – No rest
Push press – 3×10 – No rest
Reverse Barbell Row – 3×12 – 60 Seconds rest
Dumbbell press 3×12 No rest
Biceps curl 3×12 No rest
Reverse Incline flye 3×10 Rest 45 seconds
Cool down and stretch
Train safe – Train hard Train for RESULTS