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Nutrition plan, Brighton, Hove
Hi there I’m Francis, and I’ll be the first to admit that self sabotage has held me back massively in life…I’m fine with that!
I’m just a regular guy who knows the importance of being able to make the next right decision.  And someone who can enjoy the amazing possibilities in life.

Drug free bodybuilding

Drug-free men’s physique bodybuilding with the UKDFBA 13/8/17
(28 Week training program)
I actually gain fat quite quickly if I eat like most guys in the UK, and that’s no joke.  I am also a nutrition practitioner and personal trainer who finds the many aspects of fitness fascinating.
The BodyFit service was created in 2010.  It’s been an exciting journey so far, and after helping 1000s of people with their fitness and nutrition goals, I have brought the service to you, online.
Meet new friends and lose weight
I specialize in fat loss and muscle development and make it my mission to help you achieve your fitness goals.
With a combination of online nutrition and training support, we can do it together.

Qualifications and stuff

  • Registered nutrition practitioner
  • REPS registered exercise professional
  • Exercise nutrition level 3
  • Advanced personal training level 3
  • Circuits instructor level 2
  • TRX instructor
  • Advanced Boxercise PT
  • Gym instructor
  • Nutrition 80%
  • Training 80%
  • Sleep 80%
  • Recovery 80%
  • Hydration 80%
  • Live a little 20%

Here are some free downloads, and more on how BodyFit can help you with your fitness and nutrition goals.

All the best and keep in touch with any questions you may have?