Pretty much any fitness program will work for general fitness goals, especially fat loss.  How is that possible I hear you ask! Mindset!!!  Get in the right mindset and your fitness journey will be an easy one.

What is that saying? (If the why is strong enough, the how doesn’t matter) That is very true here.  For fat loss, in particular, the most important factors are the energy in energy out the equation and being in a calorie deficit.  More is explained here in this video about Flexible dieting.

If you can start your gym program, and be consistent with training and nutrition you will see quick results and be rewarded for your commitment. Do you like kettlebells, TRX, Crossfit?

All will yield fantastic results if you are in the right headspace. Let me give you a headstart with this interactive mindset strategy checklist. Click HERE To Get In The Zone
Mindset can be the biggest challenge.  Once you decide to make a change, nothing can stop you.